200-Hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training
to Feb 28

200-Hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training




200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified

February 1st - 28th South Goa, India

Are you ready to expand your consciousness and bring out your greatest potential? This teacher training is designed to take you deeply into the essence of yoga, while providing the space for personal growth in a supportive loving atmosphere. We will provide you with all the tools to fully embody yoga and its sacred principles, so that teaching becomes a natural evolution.

Our course is an immersion in yoga lifestyle and community that will strengthen you in ways that you never knew possible. The spiritual depth of this course is naturally conducive to self-empowerment and inner transformation. Every student is respected on his / her personal path and encouraged to cultivate their own unique expression.

May the journey begin....


Why Tantra?

Tantra is the natural evolution of yoga. It is an integral system that consists of 5 Yogas, as originally taught by Lord Shiva, the original Guru of Yoga.

Tan means expansion, tra means freedom. Tantra is the art of being free from all physical, mental and spiritual bondage through the expansion of energy.

Unlike other systems of yoga, Tantra takes a liberal approach of embracing life in all its facets and using life as our ultimate teacher. Through accepting all that is, we find ourselves gradually liberated from all limitations and conditioning, which allows us to step fully into our personal power and the joy of being fully alive. Tantra Yoga emphasizes the development of power latent in the chakras in a systematic manner to heal and balances all aspects of the self - including the physical, emotional, vital, mental, and spiritual bodies. It eventually leads to supreme consciousness, the ultimate aim of human life.


Tantra itself is special, however misunderstood, it is an ancient system of activating the dormant potential inside each and every one of us. This training is not just a yoga teacher training but a life training to give you what you require to blossom fully into who you are meant to become in this lifetime.

Actually what makes our training special is you, each of you are unique and when we come together for this higher purpose a positive energy is created that will shape our course in its own beautiful expression. Sheltered in the tropical paradise of Goa you will find yourself in an expansive environment that encourages you to find your own inner yogi or yogini.

Moving beyond the physical aspect of yoga, however important, we place utmost importance on transmitting authentic yoga in all its fullness and glory, so that you may develop your own inner capacity of truly living in yoga. It is upon this foundation of spiritual strength and wisdom that a genuine yoga teacher may emerge. We aim to provide you with the foundational building blocks needed to teach with confidence and ease as soon as you graduate.


Our school of Tantra Yoga comes out of Shanti Yoga Ashram of Nepal, whose lineage is the combination of Tantra Yoga as taught by Swami Nirajananda, successor of Swami Satyananda of Bihar School of Yoga and Swami Shivalingam of Nepal, also a student of Swami Satyananda, who taught the ancient hidden secrets of Nepalese Tantra to his disciple Yogi Prakash, or Guruji, as he is known, founder of Shanti Yoga Ashram.

Nepal is the land of Tantra, where Shiva himself taught this science to his other half, Parvati. It has been preserved in its pure form from Guru to disciple ever since. It is our intention to transmit this wealth of knowledge, through adapted practices and providing a good structural means for conducive learning and integration.


For the teachers, Gopika and Kamadevi, yoga is the essential core of their lives, an innate expression; which has naturally brought a dedication in serving the awakening of humanity into higher states of consciousness. One of the meanings of Tantra is to weave or to integrate; by infusing their lives with yoga it has developed in them the capacity as adept initiators in guiding you towards oneness of mind body and soul. Their purpose is to help you meet the Guru (divine teacher) within your own self.

Goa 2 (1).jpg

Yogini Kamadevi

Is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher with 12 years teaching experience. She is a Reiki and Intuitive Massage therapist well-versed in Vipassana meditation. Her practice focuses on Kriya Yoga, Kundalini and Tantra as well as methods of bodywork and ecstatic dance. Her creative nature complements her artistic skills (Visual Arts degree at the HEAD Geneva). She regularly provides workshops and retreats in Switzerland, the Middle East, India and Africa. Having previously implemented a Holistic Lifestyle Program at The 5-star Fusion Resort in Vietnam; Kamadevi has a well-versed approach, is open-minded and free-spirited. Her travels and consideration to cultural differences have enabled her to work accordingly within varied contexts, individually and with groups. For complete biography and further information please visit : www.yoginikamadevi.com

"Carla Zürcher, in the spiritual name of Kamadevi that I gave her; is a rare opportunity to discover an excellent Hatha Yoga teacher and a unique Intuitive Massage innovator. Her loving nature will reveal ones highest qualities to be developed within your specific being. She is first of all a young highly gifted Guru, to guide one on the path of Self-Realization, in the most natural way. To be who you really are, simple and powerful."

Sri Oshi Guru Devi (Kamadevi’s Spiritual Mother)


Yogini Gopika

Yogini Gopika, ERYT, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Tantra Yoga Teacher, is ready to guide you to uncover your own power and unique gifts. With more than 16 years of teaching and coaching experience; she possesses effective methods and tools to help you bring your life into alignment. While living mostly in India, she has developed the intuition and insight necessary to facilitate inner transformation. She has worked side by side with Guru Yogi Prakash to develop Shanti Yoga Ashram in Nepal and has been teaching teacher trainings there for the past few years. It is her greatest joy to share the light and love that yoga has to offer with other spiritual seekers and inspire them toward personal evolution; so they may adopt a yogic lifestyle that is in greater harmony with themselves and the world around them.



Inside of a lush green forest, surrounded by the abundance of Mother Nature and the ocean breeze; we will come together for the experience of a lifetime. Dedicated and disciplined daily practice within the context of a warm loving family of like minded friends with the same aspiration – to learn and embody all the facets of yoga and to evolve into yoga teachers.

The daily schedule will create a structure giving you the space and support to let go of attachments and fears; while surrendering to the process of transformation.

05:30 - wake-up (maintaining silence till breakfast)

06:30 - yoga / meditation (2h hours)

08:30 - breakfast (1h 30min break)

10:00 - lecture (2 hours)

12:30 - lunch (1h 30min break)

14:00 - workshop / teaching practice (2h hours)

16:00 - personal time/ beach time

18:00 - evening program (1 hour)

19:00 - dinner

21:00 - silence, retire to rooms

* Evening program will include watching the sunset on the beach, meditations both indoors and outdoors, silent walks, kirtans and other guided practices based on the curriculum.

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change as the course develops depending on various factors. We will always take your needs into consideration. Please remain open and flexible.

* Sundays will be a free day.

* We encourage time to go to the beach daily and have a swim, as it is just a 5-minute walk from Bhakti Kutir. The salt water acts as a cleanser and purifier and is conducive to the process. Please bring a hat to protect from the sunrays and keep hydrated.


Our full-time training stretches over a 4-week period. Teaching hours are Monday to Saturday, 06:30. Days start with meditation and Hatha Yoga practice, followed by breakfast and the morning theory block. The lunch breaks allow for rest and study. The afternoon sessions contain a short workshop followed by a practice session where you get the chance to practice teaching with a partner or in small groups. Your teachers will be available for questions and corrections. The first half of the training builds up a solid foundation of theory and practice, and the second half focuses on the development of teaching skills as well as deepening your spiritual practices. The curriculum of our 1-month intensive course is structured in the following way:

● Week 1: Hatha Yoga

Basic asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, practical philosophy, diet, and introductory teaching practicum.

● Week 2: Astanga Yoga, Ayurveda

Practice of intermediate asanas and pranayama, correction and adjustment training, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhakti Yoga based on Bhagavad Gita, mid-term exam at the end of the week, own teaching of beginner asanas.

● Week 3: Mantra Yoga, Energetic Principles

Advanced practices of purification, Yantra and Mantra, Yoga anatomy, Intuitive Massage.

● Week 4: Kundalini and Shiva Shakti Yoga

Chakra practices, Tantra meditations, final exam, teaching of a final 90-minute yoga class.

Please note that you will receive the full syllabus on the first day of class. Every training course is slightly different as we adjust to the needs and learning level of our students. Tantra is an integrative system, so there will be elements of all the topics throughout the entire course. Please remain flexible.


Tantra yoga starts with the gross level, the body, and gradually transitions to the subtle level, consciousness. This teaching system offers the evolutionary process from Hatha yoga, meditation through the body, to Astanga yoga, meditation through the mind, to Mantra yoga, meditation through sound, to Kundalini yoga, meditation through the chakras, and ultimately to Shiva-Shakti yoga, meditation through the internal masculine and feminine energies.

Hatha Yoga – The Foundation of Tantra. Classical Hatha Yoga to balance our solar and lunar energies, when the body is balanced in this way the energy can flow properly which is the basis of good health.

Shat Karma – 1st step in Hatha Yoga, internal yogic cleansing to prepare our bodies and minds for the yoga practice to follow, so that when prana does start to flow it will be moving through clear open channels.

Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bhandha

Asana – 36 Classic Hatha Yoga Asanas, Sun Salutations with deeper esoteric meaning while incorporating chakra awareness, How to incorporate breathe, awareness and movement along with enjoyment.

Pranayama – Sensitizing, Vitalizing, Balancing and Tranquilizing. You will learn more than techniques but gain the ability to use your breathe to direct your own pranic flow.

Mudra – Create a flow of prana through different gestures, essential element of tantra yoga.

Bhanda – Learn to lock and release different parts of the body to direct the energy as needed.

Astanga Yoga (Raja Yoga) – 8 Limbs. There are practices in each of these limbs that help one evolve to the next.

Yama and Niyama – Development of personal character by imbibing certain lifestyle regulations for upliftment. Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga are included here

Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion) – Embodying Divine Qualities.

Karma Yoga (Yoga of Selfless Service) – Doing something good for humanity that reaches beyond your own borders.

Asana – Become comfortable in your own skin and still so that the cosmic life-force may flow through you.

Pranayama – Learn to expand the space between the breaths to come fully into present moment awareness, preliminary stages of meditation.

Pratyahara – Can you fully relax and go within? Learn to withdraw your senses and find your true home, inside of you.

Yoga Nidra and other techniques will be practiced regularly

Dharana – Concentration – Esoteric Practices to create the strength and focus necessary for meditation

Dhyayna – Meditation will happen naturally with the preparatory practices we will give you.

Samadhi – Blissful state of Enlightenment – A glimpse will be possible as the soul begins to shine out and feel real peace.

Mantra Yoga – Once the body and mind are balanced we are ready to invoke the divine energy through sound vibration, the most subtle of all manifestations.

AUM Chanting – There are many ways to chant Om to awaken different energy centers and to either elevate or ground.

Kirtan – Singing together chants to invite Cosmic Energies.

Mantra Initiation – You will receive a mantra to connect you with the yoga lineage to chant on your own.

Yantra, Mantra and Tantra – Visualization and Manifestation.

As part of this theme we will incorporate dance and movement throughout the course to fully awaken and unite our bodies and souls.

Kundalini Yoga – The yoga of awakening the sleeping potential of the human being through bringing awareness into each chakra, energy center using a variety of tantra yoga methods. This is an integral practice that will evolve throughout the course. We will also spend time to understand and work with each chakra individually.

Kriya Yoga – Working inside of the asana to circulate prana from one chakra to the next, a process of purification.

Shiva Shakti Yoga – Requiring the use of all the yoga systems learned previously; it is our goal to make you a master of your own body, mind and energy systems. You will learn how to become an embodiment of divinity and to balance your own internal masculine and feminine energies.

Harmonizing sexuality with spirituality to understand sacred sex.

Ritual and Ceremony to celebrate and honor the divine feminine and noble masculine.

Intuitive Massage – a method to connect touch with your intuition. You will be guided and have the chance to practice on each other.

Connecting the three main power centers.

Ayurveda – the art of living in harmony with yourself and the natural world.

Philosophy and Practical Application.

Circardian Rythyms and Natural Cycles.

Self-care and Daily Routine.

Ayurvedic Diet and conscious eating.

Jnana Yoga - the yoga of knowledge and the path of self realization.

Integration of the philosophy of yoga into the experiential or vice versa.

Everyday examples; negative patterns, personal tendencies and hightening self-awareness.

The power of the mind / directing ones perception accordingly.

Self-inquiry, the transmission of Ramana Maharshi works on non-dualism.

Energetic Principles - discovering our intrinsic connection as a micro cosmos in the macro cosmos.

The law of resonance; from the energetic to the tangible and visible.

The Pancha Kosha; 5 energetic layers or sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core.


The comprehensive curriculum of our Yoga Teacher Training Course encompasses a vast range of inspiring topics.

Tantra Yoga (5 Yoga System – see section, What do we Teach?)

Yoga Nidra combined with Rotation of Awareness, Nyasa

Subconscious re-programming – manifestation of intention

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita

Chakra and energy centered practice

Yoga community and long-term support from your teachers

Teaching Methodology including sequencing, adjusting, teaching standards, classroom management

Yogic Anatomy and Ayurveda

Intuitive Massage (module one) and Conscious Expressive Dance

Energy Work and Pranic Healing

Mantra Initiation

Establishing time for technology detox

Satsang with Guruma....

Mid-term and Final Exam, Practical Exam

The following ingredients support our graduates to become successful Yoga instructors:

Deeply powerful energy based Hatha Yoga

Establishment of a daily meditation practice with various techniques

Theoretical understanding of metaphysics and yogic philosophy

Experience of a yogic lifestyle (nature based, healthy diet)

Physical and energetic comprehension of postures

Effective correction training and supervised teaching experience

Personal guidance and family-like group atmosphere

Tropical Nature and Time for Swimming in Arabian Sea

Sunset Meditation


Requirements to apply for the 200 Hour Teacher Training Course are an existing yoga practice, an open mind, commitment to learning, and motivation to become a worthy yoga teacher. Applicants with an emerging practice are welcome to apply for our training provided they can display a level of self-discipline during the course as it is physically, mentally and spiritually demanding and also highly rewarding. Whilst students will obtain a certificate at the end of the training this should not be the goal of attending our course. Trainees should wish to deepen their personal practice and immerse themselves fully on the path of yoga whilst aiming to become a professional teacher.

For both beginner and seasoned practitioners, this course will deepen and consolidate your practice and teaching style. We encourage aspiring teachers from all backgrounds to join the course.


Bhakti Kutir is located under a canopy of a two acre coconut grove with twenty two back-to-nature cabanas. No two cabanas are alike. Fashioned from local materials like rice straw, and bamboo, the cabanas are built to include trees, leaves, and to let you see the moon and star-filled skies. The living areas combine a rural feel with a surprising degree of comfort. Each room is equipped with mosquito net already in place. The beds are very comfortable and the rooms are well ventalated but are also equipped with fans.

On the premisise is an Ayurvedic Spa run by Vijay Nambiar, qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctor of Kerala. His staff is expert in their therapies, which are reasonably priced and accessible throughout the training.

Bhakti Kutir is located in a secluded forest just inside of the small village of Colomb, in between the unspoiled beaches of Palolem and Patnem. Palolem is rightly regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Goa. A natural bay surrounded by high headlands on either side has created a calm, idyllic setting frequented by a cosmopolitan mix of tourists, travellers, local and expats. Patnem is even more quiet and less developed than its neighboring beach, there are many options to accommodate all types of tourist needs. The nearest beach is within 5 minutes walking distance. Scooters can easily be rented for 200 – 300 rupees daily. There is a small but thriving town less than 3 kilometers away where you can buy or do everything that you need during your stay.

Canacona, the name of the entire area is located in South Goa, which is easily accessible to visitors coming from Dabolim, Goa's international airport at Vasco de Gama, and is connect by road and bus with Margo (to the north) and Karwar (to the south). Canacona is also on the Konkan Railway route.


ADDRESS:296, Colomb, Palolem, Canacona, Goa – 403702 India



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to Feb 28

Let's Go Goa - Retreat 2018


In unserem Frühjahrsretreat im paradiesischen Goa in Indien werden wir genau das erfahren. Fernab von allen Alltagsmustern und Regeln, finden wir die Balance zwischen Bewegung und Ruhe, innerer Kraft und Leichtigkeit.

Jeden Morgen starten wir mit einer kraftvollen und energetisierenden Jivamukti Klasse und beenden den Tag mit einer entspannenden Yin Yoga Sequenz zum Sonnenuntergang. Zwischen den Yoga-Einheiten haben wir ausreichend Zeit am Strand
Sonne zu tanken, bei einer Massage zu entspannen, oder mit der Riksha die Gegend zu erkunden.

Das Retreat Zentrum Bhakti Kutir liegt wenige Minuten zu Fuß von den traumhaft weitläufigen Sandstränden Patnem Beach und Palolem Beach entfernt. Zudem bietet es mit seinem Ayurvedischen Zentrum auf dem Gelände zahlreiche Möglichkeiten
Ayurvedischer Behand-lungen und Massagen zu genießen.

Das Bhakti Kutir ist ein herrlich grüner und friedlicher Ort, der gekonnt Einfachheit und Komfort verbindet. Die beiden Yogashalas liegen in freier Natur, eingebettet in eine traumschöne dschungelartige Pflanzenwelt oder direkt am Meer in traumschöner Kulisse.

Die Zimmer sind einfach, aber geschmackvoll eingerichtet. Das antike Mobiliar stammt großteils noch aus der portugiesischen Kolonialzeit und passt perfekt ins Ambiente. (http://www.bhaktikutir.com)

Vor Ort zu organisierende Ausflüge: (nicht im Preis inbegriffen) – Anjuna Night Market – Spice Farm – Waterfall – Boattrip zu verschiedenen Stränden – Trip nach Gokarna

Was ist Jivamukti Yoga?

Jivamukti Yoga ist eine dynamische Form des Hatha Yoga, und sowohl physisch, als auch intellektuell herausforderndes Yoga. Der Fokus liegt neben kräftigenden Asanas (Yogahaltungen), vor allem beim Atem und der Verschmelzung des Atems mit der Bewegung. Wichtig im Jivamukti Yoga ist auch die Erkenntnis, mit einer tieferen Absicht zu üben, weil es im Yoga eben nicht nur oder hauptsächlich um Wellness und Gesundheit geht, sondern um das Gefühl der Verbundenheit mit sich selbst und

„Go deep“ mit Yin Yoga

Durch das lange Verweilen in den einzelnen Asanas haben wir Zeit bei uns anzukommen.

Beim Yin Yoga verbinden wir uns mit unserer weiblichen Energie, die uns zur Ruhe kommen lässt und uns in den Loslass- und Entspannungsmodus bringt. In den abendlichen Yin Yoga Klassen werden wir auf Innenschau gehen und uns der feineren Ebene, unserem Bindegewebe zuwenden. Diese tiefgehende Praxis begleitet uns liebevoll auf dem Weg zu innerer Klarheit und Akzeptanz.

Über Katja:

Ich lebe und liebe Yoga seit 2009. Yoga ist für mich nicht „nur“ eine Praxis, sondern eher eine innere Haltung, es bedeutet für mich, mir selbst und Anderen bewusst zuzuhören, respektvoll sich selbst und anderen Mitlebewesen gegenüber zu sein. Es bedeutet aber, neben aller Tiefe, auch, durch mehr Akzeptanz mehr Leichtigkeit im Leben zu erfahren. Katja ist zertifizierte Vinyasa Yoga und Jivamukti Yogalehrerin.

Über Anja:

Vor 19 Jahren auf einer Yogamatte zu landen, war für mich der Beginn einer „Wundervollen“ Reise. Seitdem bedeutet Yoga für mich mir meiner „Selbst“ bewusst zu werden, zu versuchen die kleinen und großen Wunder von der Matte in den Alltag zu übertragen , ein wenig achtsamer und liebevoller mit mir selbst und allen anderen Lebewesen umzugehen. Und last but not least- auch mal „fünf gerade sein zu lassen“ und dem Leben weiterhin zu vertrauen, auch wenn es mal nicht so rund läuft. Die Wintermonate verbringe ich mit Familie und Yogamatte jährlich in Indien/Goa, um dort Yoga zu unterrichten und mich von wunderbaren Yoginis und Yogis inspirieren zu lassen. Anja ist zertifizierte Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga und Yin Yoga Lehrerin.


21.2.2018 Anreisetag ca. 18 Uhr „Get Together“ und entspannendes Yin Yoga gegen den Jet Lag, anschließend gemeinsames Abendessen 

Tagesablauf ab dem 22.2.2018

  • 7.30 Uhr Morning Snacks
  • 8.30 – 10.30 Uhr Meditation/Pranayama und Jivamukti Yoga
  • 11.00 Uhr Brunch
  • 18.30 – 20.00 Uhr Yin Yoga im Beach-Shala und anschließend Abendessen (Programmänderungen jederzeit möglich)
  • Abreisetag ist der 28.2.2018. Am Abreisetag findet kein Yogaunterricht mehr

Specials für alle Frühaufsteher: ein frühmorgendlicher „Dolphin boat trip“ und eine Silent Beach Walking Meditation

Highlight 1:

„Water Element Workshop“ mit Daniel Aber, einem begnadeten WATSUTherapeuten. In diesem Workshop werden wir uns vertrauensvoll dem Element Wasser hingeben, so dass sich all unsere Anspannungen sowohl auf körperlicher und geistiger Ebene in der unterstützenden Wärme des Pools auflösen dürfen. Wir lernen die Grundprinzipien den Partner in Partnerarbeit sanft durchs Wasser zu bewegen und selbst bewegt zu werden. Alles auf der Grundlage “giving is receiving.“ 

Highlight 2:

„Kirtanabend“ Let´s open our hearts by singing Mantras together


Unterkunft im Doppelzimmer: 960.- Euro pro Person
Frühbucherkonditionen gültig bei Buchung / Bezahlung bis 30.11.2017: 870.- Euro

bei Einzelzimmernutzung Zuschlag: 150.- Euro

Anzahlung: 450.- Euro sofort fällig bei Buchung, Restsumme fällig bis 31.1. 2018

Im Preis enthalten: Unterkunft im Doppelzimmer, Halbpension (Morning Snack, 2 vegetarische / vegane Mahlzeiten), zwei Yogaeinheiten pro Tag, einen „Dolphin boat trip“ und den „Water Element Workshop“.

Wir organisieren Dir gerne den Flughafentransfer in Goa. Die Reiskosten sind nicht im Preis inbegriffen. Reist Du früher an oder später ab, sind wir sehr gerne behilflich bei der Vermittlung einer Unterkunft vor Ort. 

Für alle Yogis/Yoginis mit Vorkenntnissen.

Weitere Infos und Buchung unter: www.raum3yoga.de
Kontakt: katja@raum3yoga.de, yoga@anjaepple.com

...lass Dich inspirieren...
Häufig gestellte Fragen:

Welcher ist der Zielflughafen?
– Dabolim/Goa

Wie lange dauert die Fahrt vom Flughafen bis zum Retreatcenter?
– Ca. eine Stunde
– Transfer kann auf Wunsch organisiert werden

Wie ist das Wetter zur Reisezeit?
– Hochsommerlich warm

Sind Yogamatten vorhanden?
– Ja es gibt Yogamatten, allerdings empfehlen wir Dir eine eigene Yogamatte und gegegebenenfalls Props, wie einen Block/Gurt, mitzubringen. Vor Ort werden auch Yogamatten verkauft – diese sind allerdings von einfacher Qualität

Wie ist die ärztliche Versorgung in Goa?
– Ganz in der Nähe gibt es Krankenhaus
– Im Resort selbst ist ein erfahrener ayurvedischer Arzt 

Muss ich Geld im Vorfeld wechseln?
– Ist prinzipiell nicht nötig, da es Geldautomaten für Kreditkarten gibt. Auf dem Weg vom Flughafen kannst Du den Taxifahrer bitten an einem Geldautomaten anzuhalten.
– Die Währung sind Indische Rupis.

Benötige ich einen Reisepass?
– Ja, unbedingt benötigst Du einen Reisepass oder einen vorläufigen Reisepass. 

Benötige ich ein Visum?
– Deutsche Staatsangehörige benötigen für die Einreise nach Indien grundsätzlich ein Visum. Inhaber deutscher Reisepässe können seit November 2014 unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen ein elektronisches Touristenvisum (e-Tourist Visa e-TV) erhalten.

– Das e-TV muss bis spätestens vier Tage vor dem geplanten Einreisedatum beantragt werden und berechtigt zur einmaligen Einreise für einen Aufenthalt von bis zu 30 Tagen https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html


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to Jan 28

Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat with Jana and Renate from Prana Veda, Bali

Join us on a magical and spiritual journey to the ancient roots of Yoga and Ayurveda in Palolem, Goa in Bhakti Kutir

Join us on a magical and spiritual journey to the ancient roots of Yoga and Ayurveda in Palolem, Goa in Bhakti Kutir

Yoga and Ayurveda are the most ancient body-mind-soul experiences helping us to cleanse our body and mind, strengthen our body and restore our immune system. We receive balance and a holistic wellbeing that will lead us to a fulfilled and happy life.

Yoga will be taught according to our personal Ayurvedic Doshas. Meditation, Pranayama, Breath- and Bodywork, Dance and Music will be a part of this Retreat as well. Beginners and Advanced are welcome. 

The open Yoga space is nestled in nature and the accommodation is in comfortable wooden jungle huts. Bhaki Kutir has an Ayurvedic Center, where you can book additional Ayurvedic treatments.


Including 7 nights and breakfast in Bhakti Kutir and 8 days Retreat with Renate and Jana: € 700  
(Flight to Goa need to be booked and paid separately, Airport - Dabolim, Goa)

Dinner will be on your own cost (approx. 5 € per meal). We will show you beautiful places along the beaches. 

Registration and information

You may contact Renate at info@pranavedabali.com

or Jana at jjeffenberger@googlemail.com

Teacher Biography


Renate, a Physio- and Psychotherapist, studied and taught Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation for nine years in India before she created a healing place Prana Veda Bali (www.pranavedabali.com) on the north coast of Bali.
With a lot of joy and fulfillment she accompanies people on their way to their natural state of wholeness and holistic wellbeing.



Jana is a Yoga teacher since 2013 (500h RYT) and longtime team member in Prana Veda Bali. Through Yoga and Meditation she found a new and life-enhancing way to her inner self. With joy she is sharing now this self-experience with others, to take everyone to a smiling and dancing heart with conscious bodywork.

If we look after the root of the tree the fragrance and flowering will come by itself, If you look after the body the fragrance of the mind and spirit will come to itself. (B.K.S. Iyengar)

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to Feb 3

Seminarreise - Alle strahlen meiner Sonne


Alle strahlen meiner Sonne

19. Jänner - 3. Februar 2018

goa_2018 (1).jpg


Je mehr du dich deiner inneren Quelle öffnest, umso freier wirst du davon,
dich von anderen energetisch abhängig zu glauben.
Je mehr von deinen Potenzialen (deine Sonne) du lebst (aus-strahlst),
umso mehr Energie gibst du in die Welt, umso mehr Energiefluss baut sich auf -
in dir und zwischen dir und dem Ganzen.
Dies zu wissen, ist nicht genug, es gilt, es zu erleben, zu erfahren.
Diese Zeit in Goa bietet dir die Möglichkeit, dich in einer Gemeinschaft
von Menschen zu erfahren, die - wie du - ihre eigene innere Quelle
entdecken bzw. verstärkt aus ihr schöpfen wollen.
Je mehr du lebst, was du wirklich bist, umso beglückender wird sich
dir dein Leben zeigen. Je mehr du dich deiner dir innewohnenden
Mächtigkeit öffnest indem du dir erlaubst, dich von herkömmlichen
Denk- und Reaktionsmustern zu lösen,
umso mehr wirst du erleben, dass du in höchster
Leichtigkeit durch dein Leben
„geführt“ wirst und du kannst deinen Platz im Ganzen erkennen.
Du - was du wirklich bist - ist mächtiger als dein Körper,
deine Gedanken, dein Umfeld, die Zeit…
Als „Raum“ für diese Erfahrung, sie in dir zu stärken und immer mehr Gewissheit
darüber zu erlangen, wer du wirklich bist, dienen die jeweils morgens
stattfindenden Meditationen und die Vormittags-Runden.
Hier wirst du auch entsprechende Tools erhalten, die du als neuen Standard
in dein Leben integrieren kannst.
Unser tägliches Treffen zum Sonnenuntergang am Strand dient dem Austausch,
der Verstärkung und Verankerung all des Neuen, Erweiternden.




Wien-Goa/retour mit QATAR-AIRLINES: € 816


Zehntägiger Seminaraufenthalt im exotischen Yoga-Center "Bhakti Kutir" in Süd-Goa www.bhaktikutir.com: €53,-/Tag inkl. HP und Seminarraum.


Dr. Hilde Jawad-Estrak
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1. Oktober 2017

Dr. Hilde Jawad-Estrak  LifeCoach für Menschen im Wandel, Psychotherapeutin

Dr. Hilde Jawad-Estrak
LifeCoach für Menschen im Wandel, Psychotherapeutin

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to Mar 31

Yoga Classes and Courses with Sunita


Yoga Classes and Courses at Bhakti Kutir

Yoga teacher - Sunita


Regular classes

Hatha Yoga - at 9:00am from Monday to Saturday, every week
Mediatation - at 5:00pm from Monday to Saturday, every week


1 week course - Rs.2200
10 days course - Rs.4000
2 weeks course - Rs.6000
3 weeks course - Rs.7000

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to Nov 19



 Ujjain Yogalife Society (UYLS) is a continuous endeavor to commit self to the universe and feel an unparalleled state of physical, mental and spiritual well being. It brings together some of the most accomplished yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts. UYLS is a premier institute for teacher training in India offering Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT 200, 300 and RYT 500 courses. Our teacher training programs are accredited with and recognized by Yoga Alliance USA - YA, Council of Yoga Alliance International - CYAI, International Yoga Federation- IYF, and Yoga Alliance International-YAI. We bring about transformational changes, at mental, emotional and physical levels, in our students with hands on training focused on knowledge of Yoga in-depth, Philosophy of Yoga, body alignment, asanas, pranayamas, meditation and therapeutic healing.


Teacher Biography

This residential course will be conducted by Pundit Radheshyam Mishra (Ph D), an International Yoga Guru and an expert member of Yoga with most of the committees of Government of India. With ERYT 500 & 24 Years of teaching experience in 44 countries of the world, founder of Ujjain Yoga Life Society International and YogaLife USA Inc, Pundit Radehshyam Mishra is the master, belongs to a traditional lineage of ancient Classical Yoga of Shri Yogendra Ji, the founder of very first Yoga Organization of the world. He is the direct disciple of a living Yogi Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra. His organization’s curriculum, history and traditional lineage can be checked out in more detail at: www.yogalife.co.in.


Register Online 


Talk to us

+91 9993033353, +91 9406624555

Write to us


Download Brochure


Program Details                                                                                                        

RYT 200

The program will include the following topics:

  • Aasans (Standing, Seated, Supine, and Prone postures)
  • Easy Techniques to Master the Postures
  • Anatomy Essentials
  • Human Physiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Aasans
  • Pranayaam
  • Mudras
  • Kriyas (Shatkarma – Cleansings)
  • Bandhas
  • Bhavas
  • Yoga Sutras
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Practice Teaching
  • Personal Counseling
  • Public Speaking
  • Methodology of Teaching Yoga
  • Teaching and Presentation Skills
  • Yogic Diet
  • Concentration and Meditation Techniques
  • Therapeutic Aspect of Yoga
  • Opening of Yoga Studio
  • Management of Yoga Studio
  • Literary References
  • Internet References / PDF Books / PPTs etc.


Eligibility Criteria

Age : 18+
Understand read and write in English
Willing to use Computer and Internet for making presentations
Willing to practice and teach Yoga
No debilitating chronic illness or physical disorder
Willing to follow a Yogic Lifestyle during the course duration


Fees - RYT 200 - Total Fees US $ 1250



RYT 500

The program includes RYT 200 and
the following topics:

  • Research Methodology in Yoga
  • Advance level of Asanas, Pranayams, Bandhas,
  • Mudras, Kriyas (Cleansing) & Meditation
  • Deep understanding of Patanjali Yoga Sutra
  • Yoga Therapy in details
  • Intense practice teaching
  • Yoga Programs for various Diseases
  • Yoga for Children
  • Yoga for Elders
  • Yoga for Women
  • Yoga for Pregnancy (Prenatal & Postnatal)
  • Yoga for Cardiac & Hypertension
  • Yoga for Asthma
  • Yoga for Diabetes
  • Yoga for Stress Management


Eligibility Criteria

Age : 21+
Understand read and write in English
Willing to use Computer and Internet for making
Willing to practice and teach Yoga
No debilitating chronic illness or physical disorder
Willing to follow a Yogic Lifestyle during the course


Fees - RYT 500 - Total Fees US $ 1800
Includes all Course material (Books/CDs/DVDs), Yoga
Gear, Yoga Mat, Kriya kit, Certificate. All meals-Pure
Vegetarian & Vegan (Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks,
Dinner) accommodation in twin sharing room for man
/ woman separately. Accommodation & Food from
Night before the course starts to the day course ends.
Additional Fees for individual Accommodation 30$ per
day extra. Email us if you are arriving early or you
wish to stay longer. Accommodation may be offer on
chargeable basis @Rs. 4000/ day without food.

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to Mar 2

Upeksha Yoga 200hr Hatha-Vinyasa Teacher Training


Upeksha Yoga translates into love that is equanimous and free, finding balance, harmony and tranquility within the body, mind and spirit.  This expression of Yoga's true love, nurtures the wisdom of equality that removes all boundaries, developing the practice of letting go of attachment, judgment and discrimination. It is through this practice that we discover the sublime unity where there is no self and no other.

In this Teacher Training, you will be provided the tools to journey with new clarity towards your hearts intentions and dreams. Whether you wish to teach or simply aspire to deepen your existing knowledge for your personal practice, we will return to the roots of yoga and provide a truly authentic and enriching experience. Upeksha Yoga's journey of self-exploration will be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually engaging. Develop a profound relationship with you core nature; connect with your authentic self and to learn how to spread the teachings of yoga from a place of love.

There are no educational requirements for this training, however, students should have a regular yoga practice of at least six months to one year. If you do not have a regular physical asana or meditation practice, we kindly ask you to begin one now.
Our primary goal at Upeksha Yoga is to give you all the tools necessary to progress in your practice and knowledge of yoga. This is achieved by a better understanding of yourself and how your practice relates to you in order to teach from a place of authenticity. We strongly believe that ANY aspiring yoga teacher who draws from their personal knowledge, experience and heart-felt compassion, can teach all forms of yoga.


What’s Included

•    200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training
•    YTTC Course Manual
•    Yoga Alliance Certification ((with full-completion of course)
•    Nature resort stay at the Bhakti Kutir. Shared cabana-huts, (two persons per room) will be included for all 26 days that you are at Upeksha Yoga Teacher Training. Double occupancy / Option for Single at extra cost)   
•    Delicious vegetarian meals throughout the day will be offered, along with tea and coffee breaks. 
•    Filtered water (available all day)
•    WIFI is available and accessible at the Resort.
•    Access to three pristine beaches are accessible within walking distance. Palolem Beach is just 200 meters (one minute walk away), and you will be provided breaks to jump into the Ocean between classes. 
•    Adventure Excursion Day Trip

What’s Not Included

•    Flights
•    Indian Visa
•    Airport transfers between Goa airport and Bhakti Kutir.
•    Any personal orders from Restaurant or the Aryuvedic Centre. 
•    Please bring your own yoga mat and 1 foam block





Genevieve Munro (RYT 500)

Genevieve has spent many years traveling to India, where she has taught and assisted  on both 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training's.
Genevieve shares her passion for Yoga and Wellness to inspire her students to move into a place of loving empowerment. Her teaching will challenge you physically and psychologically.
Over years of study and searching, she has experienced first hand the remarkable gift of yoga to transform, nurture and heal the body, mind and soul.
 Genevieve is an experience Thai Yoga Massage therapist. She uses this practice to connect with her students through a deep level of loving-touch.


Philippe Landel (E-RYT 200)

Phil has trained with several masters and has over 700hrs of training in Anatomy, Mobility, Hatha and Yin Yoga, as well as training in Mediation.  His philosophy is that we create wisdom by examining our relationship with nature through the practice of awareness. Phil inspires you to find balance between strength and grace. He weaves yoga philosophy into his classes relating real-life situations to illustrate how we can take our practice off of the mat. He serves as a Lululemon Ambassador and is active the community of Ottawa and Gatineau in both English and French. 


Sri. Vijay Gopala (SYT)

Vijay is a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) and has been teaching Yoga for more than 20 years. Born in Mysore, India the capital of yoga, Vijay has two Master Degrees in Philosophy and Yoga. 
Vijay shares the teaching of Yoga with a rare warmth, humanity and wisdom. He will be coming as a guest teacher to impart his extensive knowledge of Yoga Philosophy and Meditation in the Teacher Training. When not teaching at his centre in Mysore, India, Vijay can be found teaching workshops, trainings and festivals in India, the Netherlands, Canada and the Bali Yoga Spirit Festival.


Location & Accommodation

Located in the magical nature resort, Bhakti Kutir in Palolem South Goa, this Teacher Training aims to provide a holistic experience for you to be completely immersed in your yoga journey and lifestyle. Enjoy the smells, tastes and sounds as you leave all worries behind to embark on this experience of a lifetime. 
Accommodation will be situated under the canopy of a 2-acre coconut grove in Bhakti Kutir Resort’s, back-to-nature cabanas. No two cabanas are alike. Each of the double occupancy cabanas are built to include trees, leaves, and to let you see the moon and star-filled skies. The living areas combine an authentic Indian rural feel with a surprising degree of Western comfort. To make the training most affordable for you, we have made each cabana-hut shared accommodation. You will be paired with another member of the teacher training and we can arrange rooms by preference. If attending with friends, we will be sure to pair those who wish to room together. If you wish to have your own accommodation, please contact us to verify extra cost and availability. 

Vegetarian Meals will serve through Monday to Saturday afternoon. Fresh, local, seasonal food is always chosen and carefully cleaned and prepared to produce the menu at Bhakti Kutir. Because of the heat and intensive-training environment, small-light meals spread throughout the day to keep energy high. We will have lots of breaks that will offer healthy snacks. Anything additional that is not provided through the meal plan can be purchased through the Bhakti Kutir Restaurant. Saturday evening and Sunday we will not be offering food at the resort. This will give you the opportunity to explore Palolem Beach and to try food outside of the facility. There is a multitude of restaurants on the beach, some which offer live music. Due to our sensitive western stomachs, the possibility of food illness is something to be mindful of. Before the training begins we will give food recommendations of safe restaurants to eat at. Fortunately South Goa is well know for its clean, organic and healthy food and there are many options.

An Ayurveda and naturopathic clinic is located in Bhakti Kutir. The Kailas Center can provide Ayurvedic medical consultations by the doctor on hand, as well as Reiki, and different available massage treatments. This will all be at additional cost and will be booked through the Kailas Centre directly not through the Teacher Training.  


Cancellation Policy

Deposits: The $650 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Those who pay in full the following cancellation policy applies:
More than 8 weeks before the start of the TTYC: 100% refund less the deposit.
4 to 8 weeks before the start of the TTYC: 50% refund less the deposit.
Less than  4 weeks before the start of the workshop: No refund will be given.

The balance payment is due no later than six weeks before the first day you are due to arrive at Bhakti Kutir. If your balance payment is not received then your place can be given to another guest. We strongly advise you to take out Travel insurance which would cover you financially not only for unforeseen events that may occur whilst on holiday but also to cover you in the event of you needing to cancel.

Due to teacher cancellation, low bookings or other situations outside of our control the retreat may be temporarily or permanently unavailable. We reserve the right to make any changes to the retreat program. Alternative arrangements will be offered to the best of our ability but, if not taken up, we do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred, including airfare. We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance when you book to cover any cost of cancellation.

For more information please visit
www.upekshagoa.com or email upekshayogagoa@gmail.com

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to Nov 29

Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat

Join Andy Gill and Justin Robertshaw as they hold a 10 day Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in lush and beautiful surroundings of Bhakti Kutir Eco retreat centre, a short walk from Patnem beach in South Goa, India.

Andy and Justin are 2 highly experienced Ashtanga Yoga teachers with over 17 years of teaching and 30 years of practice experience between them. This retreat will include daily Ashtanga Yoga facilitated self practice, Ayurveda consultations and workshops, Yoga Technique, Meditation and Pranayama.

This exclusive retreat will only have 16 spaces available to allow a high level of teacher attention and support for all students.

The price is £775 with an early bird discount of £695 if booked by 1st August 2016.


Included in the price

  •  Daily facilitated self practice ashtanga yoga classes

  • Daily Meditation and Pranayama

  • Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation

  • 6 afternoon workshops covering Ayurveda, Philosophy, Pranayama and Technique

  • Shared Room for 10 nights (limited single occupancy available for a supplement of £150)

  • 3 daily meals of delicious Vegetarian food

  • Coffee, Teas or Fresh Juice options with meals

  • Filtered water available all day

The retreat centre also provides other beverages throughout the day including delicious fresh juices, all available at extra cost. There is an onsite Ayurvedic treatment facility where treatments (including Massage) can be booked for around 1,000 rupees. 

No booking can be accepted without the payment of a £250 non refundable deposit. The balance of the payment is due by Friday 30th September 2016. 

There is a limited number of single occupancy spaces available on the retreat with a single supplement charge of £150 giving a total price of £925 (or £845 with the early bird discount).


What’s not included in the price

  • Flights are not included - Many major airlines fly to Mumbai where you can get a transfer to Goa Dabolim Airport. Jet Airways are a well priced option.

  • You must have a valid Visa to enter India. We suggest a 6 months Tourist visa as any other visa is difficult to obtain.

  • Airport transfers between Goa Dabolim airport and Bhakti Kutir in Patnem are not included. We can arrange all airport transfers which are paid for on arrival and we will try to group as many together as possible to keep this cost down for you.

  • Yoga mats - please bring your own yoga mat, the centre does not provide.


Teacher biographies


Andy Gill

Andy has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over 10 years. He is a 3rd Series practitioner and has extensive experience and knowledge to teach primary, 2nd and 3rd Series asana practice in the Ashtanga method. He started teaching through an apprenticeship with Gingi Lee at The Shala in South London.

His personal study has continued through practice in Mysore and in particular with in-depth training with John and Lucy Scott. Andy has continued to study with John Scott and has subsequently taught with him on several foreign retreats. Andy is a Certified Yoga teacher holding the E-RYT certification and is one of only a handful of teachers to be awarded the John Scott Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training certification.

As a teacher and a practicing Life Coach Andy understands and respects the needs of the individual student, placing their needs at the heart of his teaching. He brings an informed and non-dogmatic approach to teaching Ashtanga whilst remaining consistent and true to the traditional method.

Andy is passionate about teaching Ashtanga in the traditional Mysore space and he draws upon his experience both as a teacher and coach to provide a supportive, nurturing and inspiring space in which he can facilitate the personal growth of his students through their practice. 



Justin Robertshaw

Justin began practicing and studying yoga in 2004 and has been teaching since 2010. After trying many forms of Hatha yoga, it was the Ashtanga method that most resonated with him and since 2005 he has committed himself to a regular Ashtanga Yoga self practice.

He has studied and trained with some of the most highly regarded Ashtanga teachers in the world including; Philippa Asher, Gingi Lee, Prem and Radha Carlisi and David Swenson.

More recently he has spent extended periods practicing and studying with Matthew Sweeney in India and Australia.

In 2010 Justin completed a Yoga Alliance 2 year, 500 hour RYT teacher training in programme. He subsequently also qualified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant with the American Institute of Vedic Studies headed by Dr David Frawley.

Justin’s practice and teaching embraces Ashtanga Yoga,  Ayurveda, Meditation, Pranayama, applied work on consciousness and techniques in transformational life coaching.

He believes passionately in the benefits of yoga and how through incorporating Ayurvedic principles a truly holistic lifestyle can be achieved.


Sample itinerary

07:00 - Morning Meditation / Pranayama

07:30 - Mysore facilitated self practice

10:00 - Breakfast / Free time

13:00 - Lunch / Free time

16:00 - Afternoon Workshop on 6 days

19:00 - Dinner


Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits: The £250 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Full Payments: For places paid in full and then cancelled the following applies:
    • More than 8 weeks before the start of the workshop: 100% refund less the deposit.
    • 4 to 8 weeks before the start of the workshop: 50% refund less the deposit.
    • Less than  4 weeks before the start of the workshop: No refund will be given.
  • The balance payment is due no later than six weeks before the first day you are due to arrive at Bhakti Kutir. If your balance payment is not received then your place can be given to another guest.
  • We strongly advise you to take out Travel insurance which would cover you financially not only for unforeseen events that may occur whilst on holiday but also to cover you in the event of you needing to cancel
  • Due to teacher cancellation, low bookings or other situations outside our control the retreat may be temporarily or permanently unavailable. We reserve the right to make any changes to the retreat programme. Alternative arrangements will be offered to the best of our ability but, if not taken up, we do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred, including airfare. We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance when you book to cover this eventuality.



Further information and booking

If you have any questions or want to book please contact:

Andy at ajfgill@gmail.com or call him +44 (0) 7913 615984


Justin at Jrobertshaw@hotmail.com


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to Feb 20


Quantum Yogis love Bhakti Kutir!  This will be the 6th Quantum Yoga Teacher Training to take place on one of our wonderful yoga shala and QY Founder Lara Baumann and Senior Teacher Judith Daniel have been regular teachers here for many years. Whether your destiny is to teach Yoga or you are just interested in your deepening your practise, this one month Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.com) certified course could be calling your name.

Bhakti Kutir provides the perfect backdrop for the magic to take place:  the peace and tranquility, the immersion in nature, the healing and nourishing food and the combination of Ayurveda and Yoga - which is key to the foundation of Quantum Yoga.  It is the perfect environment for students to devote themselves to study and nourish mind, body and soul.  

Senior Quantum Yoga Teacher, Judith Daniel will be taking the course, assisted by other Quantum Teachers and visiting experts, who will be giving lectures or practical sessions on various specialist subjects including Anatomy & Physiology, Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy.  Quantum Yoga founder Lara Baumann, will actively oversee and consult the programme, as well as holding thrice weekly Skype sessions with the group.  

Throughout the month,  students will live and breathe all aspects of Yoga, exploring both on and off the mat and following their passion from its historical and philosophical roots through to current day practise.  They will also learn firsthand the Quantum Method, its creative and dynamic sequences and how to teach them.  And all of this at the source, the heart and home of Yoga…INDIA.

The average day will start with early morning Meditation & Pranayama, followed by an extensive Asana practise.  After lunch the day continues with Lectures and finishes with daily Adjustment & Teaching Practicum, which often takes place on nearby Patnem Beach.  The month culminates with the students teaching an Assessment Class - ensuring that on completion of the course, they have gained the practical tools and are sufficiently prepared and confident to take their own class.  The 500 Hour course runs concurrently with extra study hours built into the schedule for 500H students only.

It is important that students are already familiar with basic yoga texts (Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar) and have prepared an outline proposal for a 2,500 word essay, which must be completed by the end of March 2016.

Quantum Yoga Teacher Training, Bhakti Kutir 2015, what the students said:
"Throughout my yoga journey, I have found myself feeling continuously grateful and in gratitude for the Quantum Yoga Teacher Training and both of your time, wisdom, teachings and guidance.  I am extremely lucky to have found full time work here in Sheffield as a yoga teacher and teach the Quantum flows and my own creations daily.  I think of you both often and smile in my heart about the choices leading me to you lovely Yogis."  Rachel, 200H student, Goa 15 - now teaching in the UK.  
“Thank you very much for some wonderful, challenging, beautiful, learning, transformative, amazing weeks!” - Krios, 200H student, Goa 2015 - Denmark
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to Sep 10

Healing sounds & Hatha Yoga

  • Ourem Rd Canacona, GA, 403702 India (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Practice Asanas (yoga postures) with awareness and integration with the natural elements, and use shamanic healing elements such as sounds, smells. Guided Relaxation  with connection and healing energies of light.   Music and Ancestral Healing Sounds. The practitioner of Hatha Yoga uses mainly the physical and pranic bodies as an instrument for spiritual fulfillment. This method increases strength and flexibility. It brings balance, concentration and relaxation arising a sense of harmony and peace. With the use of the breath, we become aware of the prana and reestablish its harmonious flow within the body.

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